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5 Ways to Know if Your Wine is Good

There is nothing more embarrassing that serving ridiculous tasting wine. Important gatherings, business meetings and festive occasions like wedding and Christmas holidays deserve the finest wines. Unfortunately, it is not easy to spot a good tasting wine just by looking at the bottle, but it always pays to know a little bit more than the average person when it comes to wine.

1. Aroma

Wine experts would stick their nose in the glass and take a whiff. The aroma or the smell of the wine is one of the best indicators. Check to see if the wine smells fruity or has a floral scent. If it does then it has passed the initial test, good wine has a good aroma. If it happens to smell like a soaking wet newspaper or it happens to smell damp then the wine is no good it has already been corked or compromised. The wine should either taste like honey, apple, oak or something fruity. Sniff the wine and swirl it, to confirm whether it is good or bad wine. 

2. Balanced Tasting Wine

A wine that is good or balanced is not overpowered by acidity, it also should not be too fruity. A balanced wine should be able to blend well, and should not be too acidic. If the wine makes your eyes water while sipping it, or if it takes like wool then it most probably is a bad wine. The wine needs to taste fresh, the tannin is supple and well proportioned. The fruity taste should be noticeable but it should not be too powerful to cover the taste of the wine. 

3. Multiple Layers of Taste

A really good wine has depth of taste, the flavors are far beyond the fruity taste. A good wine will have tidbits of flavors from grapefruits, nuts, chocolate or coffee.Once a wine has this description it is considered as a multi-faced wine and contains multiple layers of flavors. A good wine starts to develop flavor and is very fun to sip, it is highly enjoyable since the taste of the wine changes during the course of the meal. The aromas and flavors begin to entice the senses. A wine with a mixture and depth of flavor is considered a good wine. 

4. Lingering Taste

Wine has a lingering taste, notice the length or finish. Observe while the wine is in your mouth and check if the taste lingers on. Swallow the wine, and see if there is still a remaining taste, if it does then it is most probably a good wine. A good wine tastes longer, it should still be noticeable after 10 seconds of swallowing- if it does then it is truly indeed a fine wine! An impressive wine fit for special occasions should have the right aroma, balance, finish and depth of flavor.

5. Read the Back Labels

Don’t be easily deceived by front labels, what you should be looking for is the back label inside. Read about the information of the wine. Where was it made, what fruits did they use, the aging process, who is the importer and what region did it come from. Check any stamp of approval or awards the wine has received and if you have time do not be afraid to check the online reviews from verified purchases.

Best of all, try as many wines as possible and see for yourself which ones really stand out the most. Learn about the region and the manufacturers and try new varietals all around the world to begin understanding your personal style.

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