Ordering and Shipping

When will my order ship?

Ordering must be done on the website at least 15 days prior to the expected delivery date of an Alta Gift Basket. There are times when an Alta Gift Basket is delivered within 12 hours. For members of LUXE Societas: The Finest Ultra-Premium Luxury Concierge, an Alta Gift Basket is always delivered according to the date and time specified.

For bulk orders or above minimum orders and orders with VIP or VVIP requests, delivery date depends on quantity and complexity of requests.

Although all requests such as signed greetings and recorded video greetings by personalities are arranged by our network of agents from the Ultra-Premium Luxury Concierge, the time frame may be adjusted to make the impossible possible and to make every single thing requested happen by hook or by crook.

Can I place an order to be shipped anywhere in the world?

Alta Gift Basket can always arrange delivery of luxury baskets anywhere in the world by hook or by crook, whether it is in a city, in a village, in a countryside, in a remote rural area, in a mountain, or in the ocean where you sail with your luxury yacht.

And when we say anywhere in the world, we mean it. If you want the luxury baskets delivered to North Korea, no problem. If you want these delivered to someone living in a cave or in a forest, these will be delivered without any problem.