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Luxury Gourmet Gift Basket Delivery Now In Manila

To cater to the growing elite class in the Philippines and to increase client and user experience- the most luxurious and opulent gift basket service provider is already here in Metro Manila.

Alta Gift Basket is not your typical online gift basket delivery- the products inside include the best selection of wines and chocolate brands from Europe- it will also feature some of the most decadent and award-winning chocolate brands in Asia.

Alta Gift Basket is Manila’s a classic European-Filipino inspired finest gourmet chocolate & wine delivered in style to corporate executives from top corporations of Metro Manila, wealthy entrepreneurs, high-net-worth individuals, and members of the opulent Manila High Society. It is the kind of luxury gift basket that is guaranteed to make you happy.

Giving your business partners, top managers and investors an Alta Gift basket speaks volumes. It means you respect them and you took the time to give them a gift that was carefully chosen. The food and wine hampers of Alta Gift Basket contains some of the finest products the world has known.

Luxury Gift Basket Manila

The Filipinos have always been rich, from the vast natural resources to well mannered and cultured intellectuals. The number of middle-class Filipinos and high-net-worth individuals in the Philippines surged leading to the creation of new products and services to cater to the refined taste of the Filipino elite. Each of the boxes contains brands for people who want the best in life.

Alta gift baskets contain an abundant collection of world-famous chocolates, biscuits, truffles, and wine. Every luxury gift basket is filled with luxury sweets and wine. Each gourmet gift basket is carefully assembled by a team of experts, the gifts are accentuated with hand-tied satin ribbons and come with especially notes in Latin. 

Gallia Aquiatania Romanensis |Luxury Gift Basket Manila

Gallia Aquitania Romanensis is named after a province of the Roman Empire, which is now situated in the south-western part of Metropolitan France, along the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountain range on the border with Spain.

Its people were called Galli by Romans. Galli were a group of Celtic peoples that invaded Greece’s Kingdom of Macedonia and Anatolia, the modern-day Turkey. Galli settled in this area and named it after them, Galatia, before they were defeated by Roman Empire’s Julius Caesar. And centuries later, this was the same Galatia, where Paul the Apostle of Jesus Christ sent a letter to a number of Early Christian communities.

Gallia Aquitania Romanensis symbolizes the wealth of gold. Galli were super rich that Julius Caesar was motivated enough to invade them to pay off his debts and boost his political career through a military expedition.

When we say extravagance and style of an Alta guest to a birthday party, this magnificent Alta Gift Basket makes a giant impression. This surely will make the Alta stand out among the rest of the visitors attending the party and become the talk of the crowd.

This Luxury Gift Basket Manila will definitely remind you of grand and great times ahead. If you are thinking of the best gift to send to the best people in your life- or if you want to create the best impression possible- you can never go wrong with an Alta Gift Basket- it is simply on top of the luxury food chain!

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis is named after the Roman provinces and Roman-conquered territories of Belgium and Switzerland respectively, which are the major chocolate producers for this Alta Gift Basket package.

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis symbolizes the luxury taste of the members of La Alta Sociedad Filipina (The Philippine High Society).

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis is a perfect luxury gift basket for a baby shower, as this contains luxury chocolate assortments from Europe and a Roman Bulla for the baby boy or a Roman Lunula for the baby girl.

Roman Bulla, an amulet or an enigmatic object (usually phallic symbols) worn like a locket, was given to upper-class male children in Ancient Rome.

Roman Lunula, a crescent moon shaped pendant, was given to upper-class female children in Ancient Rome.

Ghirardelli Italianensis

Ghirardelli Italianensis is named after Domenico “Domingo” Ghirardelli, Sr., the Italian-American founder of Ghirardelli Chocolate Company whose chocolates is the only feature of this Alta Gift Basket.


Ghirardelli Italianensis depicts the ultimate indulgence of an Alta and the rest of the members of La Alta Sociedad Manila (The Manila High Society), which makes this Alta Gift Basket the perfect gift to congratulate a person of his/her exceptional achievements.

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