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How to Become a Chocolate Expert?

Chocolates were created as an expression of the highest taste and regard for life. It is only but right, that we learn how to discern the type of chocolates we are eating. Becoming an expert on Chocolates is more than just knowing the difference between a Hershey or a Godiva bar, rather it is understanding what is inside the chocolate. The ingredients and what sets it apart.

Why is a Godiva Chocolate or a Lindt Chocolate far more expensive than Hershey’s or Cadbury? What is inside these chocolates and what makes them special?

Eating the right chocolate is life changing- when you are able to select a chocolate for its ingredients and quality you experience a deeper satisfaction.

How to Select the Best Chocolate?

A really good dark chocolate should have cocoa liquor or what they would call as cocoa mass or cocoa chocolate. Chocolates that make use of cane juice and molasses or natural sweeteners would also stand out if there are no chocolate liquors inside. A really good chocolate bar would contain cocoa butter and real vanilla. Avoid chocolates that contain ingredients like Vanillin as this is fake vanilla.

Avoid any chocolate that has artificial or hydrogenated nuts, fruits and flavorings as this tend to be low quality. Really good chocolate would usually list cocoa liquor as its first ingredient. A really good chocolatier would be able to discuss the high-quality ingredients inside a chocolate bar, the fresher the ingredients the better.

Good chocolate makers pay attention to where the beans come from. If they discuss the origins of the beans this is usually a good sign. Lindt Chocolates and Godiva Chocolates are considered supreme and always added to Alta Gift Baskets and luxury gift basket Manila services due to the fact that they take considerable time in manufacturing and packaging each chocolate bar

Invest in Quality Chocolate

Forget about eating cheap chocolates, learn the real type of chocolate by purchasing quality ones. The ones who have the best stories to tell. To become a chocolate expert, do not be afraid to explore- some chocolate bars could be a bit more expensive, but they are usually worth it especially the ones that are the rare or single origin and the ones with bean varieties. You can also explore chocolates that are made from small batches like Craft Chocolates and some that are created in limited editions.

Pair and Match


Each Alta Gift basket was chosen carefully by Chocolate and wine experts- if you are aiming to be a chocolate expert trying out some of our finest luxury gift baskets would help you gain an idea. Just like you would spend time matching cheeses or even meals to wine, to become a chocolate expert we recommend doing the same way with chocolates. Do not be afraid to pair up and match your chocolate with other ingredients like whisky, rum, wine and other wonderful pairings.


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