Belgica Helvetica Romanensis


  • Belgian Biscuit Selection
  • Cocoa-dusted Liquid Salted Caramels
  • Dulce de Leche Truffles
  • Luxury Italian Chocolate Assortment
  • Gastronomic Collection
  • Swiss Milk Chocolate Discs
  • 1 Luxury Gift Basket with Bows
  • 1 Greeting Scroll with a Latin Phrase
  • 1 Roman Bulla for the Boy or Lunula for the Girl
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Belgica Helvetica Romanensis is named after the Roman provinces and Roman-conquered territories of Belgium and Switzerland respectively, which are the major chocolate producers for this Alta Gift Basket package.

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis symbolizes the luxury taste of the members of La Alta Sociedad Filipina (The Philippine High Society).

Belgica Helvetica Romanensis is a perfect luxury gift basket for a baby shower, as this contains luxury chocolate assortments from Europe and a Roman Bulla for the baby boy or a Roman Lunula for the baby girl.

Roman Bulla, an amulet or an enigmatic object (usually phallic symbols) worn like a locket, was given to upper-class male children in Ancient Rome.

Roman Lunula, a crescent moon shaped pendant, was given to upper-class female children in Ancient Rome.



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