The Future of Luxury is Asia

“Asia now equals luxury” – Kevin Ching, CEO, Sotheby’s Asia

There is no stopping the rise of Asia and it is seen in the massive growth and development by Asian countries from China, Singapore, Malaysia and now the Philippines.

Steady economic growth and continuous progress is expected as more digital transformations are afoot.

60% of the world’s luxury brand and service consumption is now happening in China, and the positive relationship between China and other Asian countries like the Philippines can only spell continuous flow of success for both parties involved. Consumers today are looking for something unique, while Europe and US based products and brands are still killing it, a lot of Asian brands are rising and establishing global names. Not only when it comes to luxury brands but also with manpower and holistic perspective in a range of services related with the culture and the arts.

“Consumers are looking for real, meaningful experiences” – Arthur Cohen, CEO, LaPlaca Cohen.

More and more millennial consumers are looking for unique and creative experiences and are willing to explore new ways to do things. For this reason, a lot of Asian brands are being given the opportunity to set foot in the global market to gain influence over the market. Today, consumption is all about the story, and what better story teller than Asia itself- the land of magic, mystery and vast history. It will come as no surprise that the age of Golden Asia is already at hand, and many developing countries like the Philippines is shedding its second rate status and is now becoming globally competitive.

More and more brands are willing to collaborate with local artists, and local manufacturers to create the perfect brand. While top brands and luxury key players like Chanel, Vogue and Gucci are beginning to change their playbook and is now open to collaborations with Asian artists, brands and influences.

China is without a doubt setting the trend, and dominating when it comes to information and technology which led to the statement that Asia is indeed the Future of Luxury.

Countries in Asia like the Philippines have a pool and array of creatives, and when it comes to building the new vision of luxury- personalized stories will lead the way. Personalization and customization is very much the heart and soul of luxury. When luxury is commoditized it loses its power, when the brand is easily duplicated. Which is why, Asia the greatest story teller in the world, will find a way to craft and device something special, unique that new consumers will look for.

In countries like China, there is a movement that has started, it is what they call as the de-sanctification of luxury. They start to perceive Western products in a different angle, the West is no longer as prestigious. There is a disruption happening in the internal wall of luxury providers itself. The traditional luxury is being redefined into something new, and it is now all about connecting people to themselves.

Introducing Luxury Services for the Elite

The new landscape of luxury brands will be about the ability of creating a seamless relationship between online and offline platforms. Alta Gift basket is one of the very first luxury brands in the Philippines that was able to create a way to speak to online consumers while retaining the transcendence of luxury brands.

Alta Gift Basket is a premier luxury gift service that delivers expensive wines and decadent chocolates to Manila elite and high net worth individuals in the Philippines. It is the only delivery service that is able to connect clients with influential celebrities and industry leaders. It is slated to introduce truly Filipino brands that produce the best chocolates, wines and biscuits in specialized gift baskets to honor Filipino artistry and craftsmanship in the upcoming basket selections.

Alta Gift Basket will also join the largest gathering of luxury professionals and brand strategists in the upcoming Philippine Luxury Meetup – July 2019 by the Moola Forum.

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