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What Do Filipino Billionaires Drink?

Yes. You read it right, Filipino Billionaires.

The Philippines has always been a rich country, despite being depicted as a poverty ridden country with numerous political strife and what not. The Philippines is actually the home of some of the ultra high net worth individuals. After all, why would the most expensive luxury resort in the world be located in the Philippines if there are no clients?

The number of ultra high net worth individuals and high net worth individuals as well as Filipino CEO’s and Top executives has risen. Thanks to successful online businesses and innovative products in the agriculture sector more and more Filipinos are entering the middle class to upper class society. By year 2020 this is predicted to grow exponentially- it will come as no surprise since the rise of Asian countries like China and Malaysia is bound to have an effect of partner countries.

Billionaires can obviously afford the most expensive spirits, but not only that they have the know how on which bottles to pick for the best price, thanks to a number of lifestyle managers who are ready to handle and help them pick the best wines and champagnes that money can buy. When it comes to selecting the finest drinks, price does not necessarily correlate to deliciousness, there is still an entire category for it. There are wines that are kept in wine cellars for collecting purposes and will never be drank.

Selecting the right wine would entail so many factors, this will include the grapes, the selection of the barrels, the story behind the wine, the scarcity and the entire history of the wine. Who drank it? who the wine is associated with before they are deemed luxurious and worthy enough for a billionaires taste.

Pioneer Wines & Champagne

Billionaires and the High- net worth Filipinos, just like every wealthy and knowledgeable aristocrat in the world will go for Pioneer wines and champagnes like Mondavi, Chappallet and Beringer. These Pioneer brands never stopped making fine wines, and while they are not often written they survived the test of time.

Alta Gift Basket, a luxury gifting service in Manila, has pre-selected the wines and champagnes for high net worth clients. Some of the usual additions in the luxury gift basket filled with chocolates and wines include Dom Pérignon.

Dom Pérignon is included in some of the finest luxury gift baskets by Alta Gift Basket. Dom Pérignon is a brand of vintage Champagne produced by the Champagne house Moet & Chandon. It was named after a Benedictine Monk whose values aligned with the brand. They are one of the first champagne brands in the world featuring sparkling wines.

Should You Allow Wine To Sit for a Very Time?

Not all wines get better in time, there is this old age belief that the longer we allow the wine to stay in the wine cellar the better the taste will become but frankly this is not true. Only 2% of the world’s bottles really improve and taste better the longer you store it. The best thing to do with wine and champagne is to drink it and celebrate life whenever you can. There are some wines that just lose their taste and quality and fades out as they age. So don’t let it sit for too long. Some over-aged wines evaporate and just leave murky sediment, which is frankly not satisfying at all.

Billionaires- at least the real ones with aristocratic blood and breeding are not really snobs when it comes to wine. It is not true that to appreciate wine and champagne, you need to go with certain brands. A real billionaire drinker is an internationalist- which means they are willing to dry different brands all over the world, even localized wine and chocolates once in a while to support their country- let’s say Malagos Chocolates from Davao for the truly rich Filipino? Because why not?

How the Truly Rich Filipino Selects Wine in Restaurants and Hotels?

Restaurants and hotels anywhere in the world, tend to reward non-snobbish clients when it comes to wine. The non-snobbish client is open for taste testing. A snobbish wine drinker will criticize in the most vulgar way when differentiating the wine they are drinking, but the real connoisseur brings the waiter or the sommelier into the situation, by asking ” would you mind tasting this”, according to the real lifestyle experts like Oldman. Wine tasting and discovering what is good from bad is more of a collaborative experience for the truly rich.

Some of the biggest wine collectors of the world have an estimate of 1,000 bottles of wine, and the really Ultra high net worth individuals who collect wine all over the world. Those with a net worth of over 30 million dollars, will usually have expensive wines like the Romanée-Conti which is usually sold for $15,000.

However, to be frank even the richest of the rich still stock wines that are priced under 1,000 pesos, because after all the really smart and entrepreneurial mind will not really blow off 5,000 to 25,000 pesos for a single bottle and serve it to guests.


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